Plonk Crazy Golf is a troop of set designers from the film and entertainment industries, who banded together for a common cause…. Crazy Golf in a bar.

In 2014, we opened our first Crazy Golf Course in Haggerston, London. Built from 100% up-cycled materials, fresh from the streets of Hackney.

Since then, we’ve been designing, building, installing and managing our Crazy Golf Courses across Europe. Totally unique and customisable, we work closely with Award-Winning Pubs and Bars across London, to create one-of-a-kind Golf-stacle Courses.

Outdoors, we’re under marquees in beer gardens. Indoors, we’re in hyper-coloured UV.
But we’re always alongside properly pulled pints and great food, in games and sports-focussed venues.

We DESIGN, BUILD, FIT and MANAGE all our Golf Courses ourselves.
That means we can make Crazy Golf courses to your exact needs.
Big, small, themed or branded, our in-house design team always has their pencils at the ready.

The past 3 years have had us Plonking down all over the capital, from one-off events to permanent installations, we’re always pushing our products and business further, making for a better time for all of our fellow Plonkers.

So come down and join us in our little Polynesian paradises for a pint, and a puttin’ good time.